Jag Singh

Director of Business Development
SBI BioEnergy Inc.

Jag is an industrial systems engineer transitioned into business development. Building a team of 3 employees to over 20 in 5 years, a subject matter expert in Industry 4.0 and Smart Automation principles, with many strategic partnerships and new products developed at a German automation start-up in Chicago. The experiences were directly applicable at SBI, where the past 3 years were spent entrenched in the hydrogen world. Jag has gained multiple OEM partners, strategic collaborators, secured funding in the clean energy start-up space- all centered around hydrogen. Jag spearheaded global campaigns for SBI, being placed in the top100 startups in the world, a champion of Plug & Play Japan, Startup Buddy Accelerator, and many opportunities through Global Affairs Canada (the Canadian Trade Commissioner Services) and many more. Attending to the business-focused demands, Jag is attending the Stanford's Graduate School of Business' LEAD program to gain more effective tools with the experience. Armed with smart data/automation, hydrogen technical experience, and engineering/business development experience Jag is a versatile member of the SBI Group.