Jean-Philipe Lattes

Senior Manager, Electric Vehicle Marketing & Strategy
Nissan North America

Jean‐Philippe (JP) Lattes is senior manager for LEAF / Electric Vehicles Marketing & Strategy at Nissan North America. He is in charge of marketing activities for the new Nissan LEAF, the world’s best‐selling electric vehicle. He is also actively involved in Nissan’s future EV portfolio development.

Originally from France, he holds a MBA in marketing from Laval University in Canada. In the past 13 years, he has lead numerous projects in sales & marketing in Europe and in North America, from sales, aftersales, dealer network development, retail experience to marketing. JP is a passionate individual who is excited to contribute to the 100% electric vehicles growth in the United States.

Based in the greater Nashville area for the past five years, JP loves to travel and discover with his wife and 2 young children – “my 4 years‐old son is ready for the future… he loves to plug‐in our LEAF every day in our garage”. The future is today… and electric!