Jermaine Hampton

Vice President of Workforce Development and Special Projects
Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

Jermaine Hampton is an accomplished professional boasting a diverse and robust 14-year career in leadership across the nonprofit, public, and private sectors, particularly in the field of Workforce Development. Presently, Hampton excels as the Vice President of Workforce Development and Special Projects at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), where he has been for nearly three years. Throughout his career, Hampton has accumulated a wealth of experience and insights, with a strong foundation in the nonprofit sector in Washington D.C., where he first sharpened his expertise in workforce development. Hampton's journey in public service saw him taking on significant roles in the Department of Employment Services during the Bowser administration in Washington D.C., where he led several transformative programs, effectively showcasing his prowess in public governance and program management. His career also extended to Atlanta, Georgia, where he significantly contributed to overseeing WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) funded programs in DeKalb County, further demonstrating his dedication to career development and workforce readiness. In his current role at the LAEDC, Hampton continues to use his comprehensive experience to advocate for change, innovation, and empowerment within the community. He is recognized for his broad expertise in Economic Development, Staffing Services, Business Management, and crucial human-centric services, including support for individuals experiencing homelessness, veterans, youth, and returning citizens. Hampton's leadership is marked by a visionary approach to systemic reform and a philosophy rooted in inspiration and perseverance. This approach has not only led his programs to be recognized as best practice models but also earned him the prestigious National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) Leadership Award in 2015. As a genuine changemaker, Hampton's dynamic efforts have significantly impacted the lives of thousands, including at-risk youth and adults, veterans, and others, ensuring lasting positive effects and championing a culture of opportunity and empowerment across various demographics.