Jim Stewart

BioEnergy Producers Association

Jim Stewart is a consult in renewable energy project development, whose clients include West Coast Waste, which is joint venturing with Enerkem to develop in Madera County, California what will be North America’s largest cellulosic ethanol biorefinery, producing 45 million gallons of transportation fuel from 330,000 tons of agricultural waste per year. He is now completing his fourteenth year as Chairman of the Board of California’s BioEnergy Producers Association (www.bioenergyproducers.org), whose mission is to promote the development of a responsible statutory and regulatory environment for waste-to-bioenergy production in California and in federal policy.

Mr. Stewart has four times been recognized as one of the “Top 100 People in the BioEconomy” worldwide in an annual poll of the more than one million readers of Biofuels Digest Magazine.  He serves as a columnist for the magazine and has also written major articles for such publications as MSW Management and Renewable Energy World.

In 2003, Stewart left a distinguished career in the entertainment industry to devote himself to renewable energy project development. This included 13 years with Walt Disney Productions, where served as Vice President-Corporate Relations and Assistant to the President.