Joy Langford

Chief Community Benefits Officer,

Joy Langford is the Chief Community Benefits officer of ARCHES H2 Hub where she oversees ARCHES commitment to $150 Million dollars in direct community investment and creation of over 220,000 jobs with a commitment to $220 million in workforce development within California’s new Hydrogen Infrastructure plan.

Joy has over 18 years’ experience as a public-private partnership liaison, assisting companies in becoming better corporate citizens through environmental and corporate responsibility initiatives.   With intricate knowledge of compliance issues as they relate to governmental agencies at the local, state, and federal government levels (such as OSHA, Cal EPA, AQMD, and CARB), Joy has helped some of America’s largest corporations face some of their toughest environmental and community problems.  She specializes in resolving complex environmental issues between companies and local communities; developing good corporate citizenship values while navigating various government rules and creating positive community initiatives. 

Previously, Joy’s work included serving as the Senior Environmental Policy Advisor and Economist for a member of the Assembly for the State of California.  Prior to that, she originated and funded over $100 million worth of utility grade solar and alternative energy deals for a private equity fund, and managed and ran her own mortgage bank, facilitating a $10 million warehouse line of credit to fund home loans, primarily in the inner city of Los Angeles. 

Joy was appointed by the Water replenishment District of Southern California’s Board of Directors to serve as Director of Division One in February of 2022.  She was subsequently elected to the board in an official government election in 2023 and as of 2024 is the President of Water Replenishment District, managing renewable water rights throughout Los Angeles, Long Beach and various parts of Southern California.  

Joy’s most recent endeavors include consulting on light rail and energy efficient trucking solutions and implementing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations units in several California Municipalities, as well as working with local government agencies and local industry on rendering and renewable waste issues in Los Angeles County.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Joy has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Joy sat on the advisory board for Air Quality Management District, currently sits on the boards of Young Professionals in Energy (Los Angeles and Orange County chapters), as well as the advisory board of Climate Resolve. She is a Milken Associate, specializing in social policy and legislation. Additionally, she sits on the board of The Children’s Museum of La Habra. Ms. Langford currently resides in Los Angeles, California.