Jun Ichi Aoki

Deputy Vice President
Hitachi, Ltd.

Jun Ichi Aoki, the deputy vice president of Defense Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd., and a member of Water Security Council of Japan, established by the Japanese Government (Liberal Democratic Party of Japan). Through the activities for the council, he has achieved a wealth of experience and knowledge in the conservation and management of water resources.

Aoki’s specialty is in defense related technologies such as Command & Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Aoki also has expertise in modeling & simulation and image intelligence. Currently his mission is to create new business in non-military markets with applied defense technologies.

Recently, Aoki has been involved in development of computer systems with his knowledge of defense technology, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation, which has successfully been commercialized to calculate and visualize the cycle of groundwater and surface water.

Aoki graduated from Nihon University with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.