Keith Lilley

Assistant Deputy Director
Los Angeles County Public Works

Mr. Lilley is an Assistant Deputy Director with Los Angeles County Public Works and has over 25 years of experience in water resources engineering.   His efforts at the department have included managing the Departments Dam Safety Program and developing infrastructure enhancement programs to increase stormwater capture for water supply and to reduce flood risk to downstream communities.  He currently oversees integrated water resources planning for the Los Angeles County Flood Control District which operates and maintains 14 major dams, 26 spreading grounds, 162 debris basins, and 500 miles of open channel.  His current focus includes updating the County’s 1996 Los Angeles River Master Plan thru a robust stakeholder driven process, and  implementing the Los Angeles County’s new Safe, Clean Water Program to build multi-benefit local and regional stormwater capture, treatment and reuse projects to be funded with a parcel tax approved by County voters in 2018.  Mr. Lilley received his B.S in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University and a Certificate in Engineering Management for Construction from University of California, Los Angeles.


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