Larry Kopald

The Carbon Underground, SIF Technology

Larry Kopald spent over twenty years at some of the world's leading advertising agencies overseeing advertising for companies ranging from American Express and McDonalds to Honda and Pepsi. He was also instrumental in launching, the multi-billion dollar brands such as Acura, Oracle, and Chicken McNuggets, among others.

In 2010 Larry made the shift to using his experience to create positive social change, and co-founded Kopald/Stranger, a change agency committed to growing businesses while simultaneously creating positive change in the world. Clients and partners ranged from Nike and Patagonia to Walmart, the United Nations and the US Department of Energy.

Lasering in on environmental solutions, in 2014 Larry co-founded The Carbon Underground, which is focused on helping nature draw carbon back down from the atmosphere and returning it to the soil to mitigate climate change, and in 2021 co-Founded SIF, a technology and data company working in climate and ag tech. 

Larry is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Carbon & Technology Committee, is a Senior Fellow at USC’s Marshall School of Business, and spent eight years on the White House Panel on Innovation under President Obama.