Marc Bédard

Lion Bus
Marc Bedard, CPA, worked nearly 15 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers and was promoted as one of the youngest partners at the firm. This experience allowed him to develop economic, financial, and managerial skills while also giving him the opportunity to master every aspect of business development. It also gave him a taste of entrepreneurship. His career eventually led him to a major manufacturing company where he became the CFO and Senior Vice President. Marc was driven to succeed professionally and was asked to participate on many different boards, one of them being the Board of a school bus manufacturer, Corbeil, where he was an active member for 10 years. 
Marc had always been passionate about advanced technologies, engineering, children, and the world of finance; after more than 20 years in the corporate world, he decided to follow his dream and start his own heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing company with a focus on school buses. His years on the board of Corbeil had shown him that the school bus industry had been stagnant for decades and that there was plenty of space for innovation.
Conscious of the challenges ahead, Marc thrived to build a leadership team that would revolutionize the school bus industry by designing, creating, and manufacturing a vehicle that was more innovative, safer, lighter, wider, and easier to maintain, as well as being built with the end-users in mind.
Then began his quest to achieve continual innovation and promote forward-thinking mindsets, leading Marc and the Lion team to build the first all-electric school bus in North America. From then on, the Lion team continued to revolutionize the heavy-duty vehicle industry by building cutting edge, reliable, and zero-emis- sion vehicles that benefit our communities, environment, and the end-users who need them.