Moshik Mah

Design Principal

Practicing at the intersection of imagination and urban settings, Moshik is an architect whose innovative designs strive to bring a community together.  In his 27 year career, he has lead the vision for award winning projects that enhance the design experience in the public domain to improve the quality of life for the people whom his designs serve.  Design that is representative of the desires and needs of a diverse community must be inviting to all, offer a delightful setting, and promote active participation.  Landmark projects as Link Union Station, Kansas City Street Car and the Portland Aerial Tram are emblematic of the positive influence design has to express culture to reinforce and bind a community.  Moshik has extended these principles across an array of civic and transportation projects including stations, transit orient development, trams, streetcars, campus master plans, bridge design, civic buildings, street design and multimodal hubs.  The architecture embraces and communicates the common values of a place to cultivate a vibrant public life that enjoys an enduring social and economic prosperity.