N. Jonathan Peress

Senior Director of Business Strategy and Energy Policy

Jonathan Peress serves as Senior Director of Business Strategy & Energy Policy for Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas).  Mr. Peress leads SoCalGas’ Energy & Environmental Strategy to encourage and support sensible energy policies and regulations to advance SoCalGas’ efforts to decarbonize the gas system as California moves towards carbon neutrality. Mr. Peress has extensive experience and understanding of electricity and natural gas markets, state and federal utility regulation of those markets, and environmental and climate change policy. He has worked collaboratively with utilities to advance climate solutions that are commercially and technically feasible, without putting a financial burden on customers.

Prior to joining SoCalGas, Mr. Peress served as Senior Director of Energy Markets and Utility Regulation for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).  During that time, he worked closely with federal agencies and state public utility commissions on issues related to wholesale and retail energy regulation. In that role, Mr. Peress focused particularly on natural gas and electric system coordination issues. Mr. Peress has a bachelor’s degree in management from C.W. Post College, Long Island University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School.