Namrita Merino

Chief Operating Officer
GreenWealth Energy

Namrita Merino is the Chief Operating Officer at GreenWealth Energy, where she leverages over two decades of utility experience, including 22 years at Southern California Edison. While at Edison, she led the Charge Ready program for 12 years, significantly advancing solutions in the clean transportation industry and setting new industry standards. She was responsible for successfully implementing the nation's most extensive electric vehicle charging station utility infrastructure and investment programs, managing a budget of over $1 billion over five years.

As COO of GreenWealth, Namrita oversees operations, collaborates directly with clients and team leaders to enhance performance, and expands EV charging infrastructure across California and nationwide. She also spent two years running the business segment of an electrical construction company, leading all EV make-ready installations in both the public and private sectors.

Namrita is dedicated to launching programs that significantly reduce California's carbon footprint. Her commitment to sustainability, strategic vision, and proven track record of delivering innovative solutions across diverse environments underscore her extensive knowledge and passion for the clean transportation industry.