Naoki Hara

President & CEO
JFE Engineering America, Inc.

Naoki Hara was appointed President & CEO of JFE Engineering America in 2017 after serving over two decades as a marketing and business development specialist. His objectives included implementing JFE Engineering’s cutting-edge technologies in the energy utilization business fields in both Southeast Asian countries and the United States. Naoki has high aspirations towards the realization of a decarbonized society, and for JFE’s technological capabilities to contribute and play a leading role in the business arena. In order to achieve those missions, he is committed to bringing together the collective strength of the JFE Group, one of the largest steel conglomerates in Japan, which consists of comprehensive engineering, steel manufacturing, trading, as well as a large shipbuilding firm. JFE Engineering has recently announced their investment of over four million US dollars in monopile transition materials factory of offshore wind turbines in Japan which is geared towards making JFE one of the leading carbon-neutral companies. He graduated from Keio University and holds a degree in Master of Business Administration, as well as a degree from Syracuse University (Maxwell School), New York. His office is located in Long Beach, which is one of the largest harbors on the west coast USA.