Paul Mason

Vice President, Policy and Incentives
Pacific Forest Trust

Paul Mason is the Vice-President of Policy and Incentives for the Pacific Forest Trust where he advocates for the restoration and conservation of California’s forests and watersheds, with a focus on working cooperatively with private landowners to restore and retain more natural forest conditions. Paul also advocates for the role of forests and other lands in state climate programs to reduce carbon already in the atmosphere and to prepare for future climate conditions. Recent work has focused on reframing how the state approaches forest and watershed restoration to be more strategic and efficient.

Prior to working for PFT, Paul was the Deputy Director of Sierra Club California and represented the Club on forests, fire and other natural resource issues before the Legislature. In the 1990’s Paul played a leading role in the successful effort to protect the last large stands of ancient redwoods, now protected in the 7,500-acre Headwaters Forest Reserve in Humboldt County.