Pierre Moreau

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources
Government of Québec

Before being elected for the first time in 2003, Pierre Moreau worked as a lawyer specializing in the field of municipal law for over 20 years.  As well as being an elected member of Quebec’s National Assembly for more than 10 years, Minister Moreau has held numerous offices:  Chief Government Whip, Minister responsible for Intergovernmental Affairs, Minister of Transport, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Acting Minister of Public Security, Minister of Education, Minister of Finance and President of the Treasury Board. On October 11th 2017, he became Quebec’s 30th Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

Quebec is fortunate in that it can rely on green, diversified and abundant energy resources. This guarantees a great quality of life for its citizens and creates business opportunities for Quebecers around the world. It also enables the Quebec government to pursue its strong commitment to combatting climate change and set ambitious objectives moving towards a greener economy. In Minister Moreau’s mind, the way forward is clear: we must change our ways of doing things and innovation and solidarity are key.