Raj Prasad

Vice President Transformation

My career of 20+ years along with my education and training has allowed me to successfully support and lead organizational transformation large and small, globally in multiple industries. It’s been not only to transform but to ride and lead in todays Technological Revolution but also to adopt a collaboration and innovation culture that ensures the organization is part of or responsible for launching the next revolution.

An intrapreneur who successfully leverages people, process and technology in developing, planning and executing strategies that generate positive experience for people, planet and profit.

While maintaining sound risk management strategies, I believe in presenting end customer-focused business opportunities powered by technology.

Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on trust, quality, service, and uncompromising ethics.

Industry experience in: Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Water, Renewables & Energy, Mining, Professional Services, Government, Development services, Financial, Hi-tech, Manufacturing & Distribution and Healthcare.