R. Rex Parris

City of Lancaster

Since becoming Mayor of Lancaster in 2008, R. Rex Parris has championed many initiatives to improve his hometown, driven by a can-do attitude that has redefined community development. His leadership has enhanced public safety, economic growth, and environmental stewardship. Parris's efforts in reducing crime have fostered a safer, more inviting community, encouraging residents and businesses to thrive.

Economic development has been a focal point, with Parris leveraging his background as a distinguished lawyer to forge significant international partnerships, like the one with BYD, stimulating job creation and investment in Lancaster. His commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in initiatives such as Lancaster Energy, positioning Lancaster as a leader in green energy and one of the world's first Zero-Net Energy Cities. Additionally, his advocacy for hydrogen energy has established Lancaster as the “First Hydrogen City,” reflecting his innovative approach to sustainable development.

Beyond his role in municipal governance, Parris's legal acumen has been instrumental in his work with CarthroniX, a biotech firm aiming to tackle degenerative diseases. This blend of legal expertise and civic leadership underscores a comprehensive strategy to enhance Lancaster's community life, economic vitality, and sustainable living.