Ruben Dagstanyan

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Tabuchi Electric Company

Ruben Dagstanyan joined Tabuchi Electric in June of 2017, and currently serves as Executive Vice President and CTO.  For the past several years Ruben has been involved in renewable energy related projects and products. He joined Tabuchi Electric to lead the company’s effort in developing and bringing to the market residential, as well as commercial inverters in North America.

Prior to joining Tabuchi Electric Ruben was with Panasonic serving as Vice President, Eco Solutions Group for Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO). In his recent years with PESCO he had been responsible for developing new technological solutions, systems architecture and product portfolios in PESCO's Eco sector with a heavy emphasis in the solar plus storage and micro-grid space. Just prior to becoming VP, Ruben headed Engineering, Project Management and Operations Departments as part of then PESCO's Eco Group's EPC activities at the commercial scale. Under his leadership, the Eco Group implemented in excess of 200MW solar generation plants since 2011.

Prior to Panasonic, Ruben worked for seven years at the Sony Systems Development Center with responsibilities ranging from Implementation Project Manager, deploying DirecTV Japan multi-channel satellite broadcast system, to Senior Systems Architect providing systems solutions for clients interested in digital content management and digital rights management.  He was responsible for various solutions related to the broadcasting industry.

Ruben has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Riga Polytechnic Institute, Latvia.  He is passionate about performance cars, cooking, and watchmaking, and currently resides in California.