Tim Wolf

Director of Marketing, Smart Grid Solutions
Itron Inc.

Tim Wolf is the Director for Marketing for Smart Grid Solutions at Itron Inc. Mr. Wolf is responsible developing strategy and overseeing Itron’s marketing programs for Itron’s electric utility customers throughout the world.  In addition, Mr. Wolf has focused a significant portion of his time over the past three years in consumer and regulatory outreach, leading Itron’s communication effort to consumers regarding product safety, smart grid technologies, their capabilities and benefits. Prior to “rejoining” Itron in 2010, Mr. Wolf spent the past nearly three years as a senior consultant at R.W. Beck, an SAIC Company, focusing on Smart Grid consulting services for both investor-owned and municipal utilities. Before that, he worked at Itron for 10 years, leading the company’s corporate marketing group. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at industry conferences, and writer in the industry trade press.