Tomoyuki Koide

Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department
Tsubame BHB Co, Ltd

Mr. Tomoyuki Koide serves as the Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department in Tsubame BHB Co, Ltd, an ammonia technology company with an innovative ammonia synthesis catalyst technology.
Mr. Koide oversees Business development in USA from Apr 2023, building a partnership with various sectors related to green ammonia, such as renewable energy developers, hydrogen developers, ammonia supply-chain related companies, and agriculture sectors for small-scale green ammonia production system, to achieve de-carbonization of ammonia industry and to achieve stable ammonia supply by onsite ammonia production.
Tsubame BHB is an ammonia synthesis technology company, which aims at world decarbonization and achieving Food Security.
Their core technology is the “Electride catalyst” and its dedicated engineering process. Electride catalyst is an innovative technology by Tokyo Institute of Technology, which enables ammonia synthesis at lower temperature and lower pressure compared with the conventional process. This makes small scale distributed ammonia production possible, then ammonia users can benefit from the supply chain cost reduction. 
Tsubame BHB us a leading company to bring innovation to ammonia supply-chain and realizing a sustainable society, by providing Small-Scale Onsite Green Ammonia Production system using locally available renewable energy, as a solution for the renewable nitrogen fertilizer, the CO2 free fuel for power generation, maritime bunkering, and the alternative energy storage of the renewable energy etc.
In prior to joining Tsubame BHB, Mr. Koide served as a process and commissioning engineer for Haber-Bosch ammonia plant in his past career and built a strong knowledge about ammonia production mechanism.  And he worked in global oil & gas major company as a sales, marketing, and supply-chain role for 6 years, where he built strong capability of business development in chemical industry.
Mr. Koide has master’s degree of chemical engineering in Waseda University.