Yukio Gotoh

President and CEO
GeoSeach Inc

Yukio Gotoh is the President and CEO of GEO SEARCH Inc., a California headquartered subsidiary of a global industry leader in non-destructive testing and underground location using proprietary microwave Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The GEO SEARCH mission is to enhance public safety by detecting underground and under-pavement hazards, such as cavitations, before they collapse and form dangerous sinkholes or destructive potholes.  GEO SEARCH is similarly a global leader in the detection and mapping of underground utilities with GPR technology. 

Prior to establishing GEO SEARCH Inc. in 2022, Gotoh enjoyed a long career at SECOM, one of the world's largest private security services firms with 71,000 employees, directly supporting the founder and executive management team.  Gotoh played strategic roles in the expansion of the company's business in safety and security services, as well as leading a large international tender for 3D modeling by aerial survey by SECOM affiliate, PASCO. 

Gotoh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Keio University in Tokyo, and a Master's Degree in Public Policy from the University of Southern California.