Cars 2.1: The Market Today and Tomorrow for Clean and Fuel-Efficient Cars

Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board
Dan Sperling, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis; Board Member, California Air Resources Board 
Frank Breust, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, BMW Group Representative Office California
Terry O'Day, VP, eVgo/NRG; Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Santa Monica
Christine Kehoe, Executive Director, California Plug In Electric Vehicle Collaborative
Edward Kjaer, Director, Plug In Electric Vehicle Readiness, Southern California Edison
Tim Carmichael, President, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
Chantal Guimont, Director, Strategic Planning and Transportation Electrification, Hydro Québec
David Patterson, Chief Engineer, Mobile Emissions Certification and Regulatory Affairs, Mitsubishi Motors
Matt McClory, Manager, Toyota Technical Center, Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, North America, Inc. 

With the market expanding for clean and fuel-efficient cars, California is at the forefront of efforts to accelerate market growth and support infrastructure development. From electric vehicles to natural gas to ethanol, many technologies are under development—and already in use—to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars. How can states best utilize limited funding to leverage private investment and build lasting markets?  What legislative avenues have proven must effective?  What lessons can be learned from recent research results, local efforts and early market experiences from a range of stakeholders?


Cars 2.1