Morning Plenary: Why Cities and Regions are the Solution to Global Climate Change

Matt Petersen, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles
Terry O'Day, VP, eVgo/NRG; Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Santa Monica
Martha Welborne, Chief Planning Officer, Countywide Planning, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
As the country and globe grapple with climate change, searching for solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, slow climbing temperatures, prevent food shortages, and handle natural disasters already occurring, problems must be tackled at a scale where innovation can occur on the ground, but also where these solutions can be shared. What role will dense cities play, as centers of experimentation and problem-solving? How can regions facilitate collaboration, both connecting municipalities within a region that share similar environmental and economic conditions, and also linking regions with one another to undertake large-scale issues together? What role will local governments and public agencies play in these processes? How can local governments both mitigate and adapt to climate change simultaneously?


Morning Plenary Why Cities and Regions are the Solution