A New Generation of Sustainable Public Transport


Sue Minter, Secretary of Transportation, Vermont
Michelle Boehm, Southern California Regional Director, California High-Speed Rail Authority
Martha WelborneChief Planning Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Yasutake Kojima, Director, East Japan Railway, New York Office
Richard Katz, Board Member, Metrolink

The movement of people and goods in the US is almost wholly reliant on the combustion of fossil fuels.  Great strides have been made in shifting to electricity and other less carbon intensive fuels and there are promising breakthroughs in battery and fuel cell technologies.  At the same time transportation systems are being transformed so that “getting there” is not only more energy efficient but is also contributing to the livability of our cities and the health of residents and ecosystems. Biking and walking have replaced cars for many trips and public transit and inter-city rail systems are growing despite American’s historic obsession with the automobile and the car centric land use patterns of many US cities and towns, including those in California. Hear from California transportation leaders on how they have overcome these and other challenges and are building world class transit and rail systems today.


New Generation of Sustainable Public Transport-VX