(ULI 2) Space Changers: Microgrids for Smarter Buildings and Communities

Steve Sullivan, Formerly of Southern California Edison
Susan Kennedy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Advanced MicroGrid Solutions
Nick Haschka, Director of Strategy, NRG Energy
Michael Webster, Assistant Director of Power System Planning and Development, LADWP
Steve Glenn, Founder and CEO, LivingHomes, LLC 

Microgrids offer industrial developers, property owners, and communities the opportunity to design a local power grid for a set of buildings, whether a corporate campus or a residential neighborhood. How does this approach overcome the issues with continuing to rely on centralized power plants, and address the challenges of depending on individualized power generation in the form of privately operated wind turbines and solar panels? With about 300 microgrids in use currently, will reliance on distributed energy in the future be a viable and cost affordable option for developers, residential, and commercial tenants and owners?


ULI 2 - MicroGrids