VX Green Hydrogen Forum Webinar #2- Viability & Scalability of Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen Energy In LA And Beyond Discussion Forum II
Viability & Scalability Of Green Hydrogen

Opening & Welcome Remarks (Video)

David Abel, Chairman, VerdeXchange Institute

Introduction of CG Shaikh by Stephen Cheung, WTC-LA President 

Zaib Shaikh, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles

10:06 Commentary: Mark Kirby, Canada Hydrogen Fuel Cell Assoc. 

10:10 AM  Panel #1: (30 min) (Video)

Green Hydrogen & California’s Future Fuel Mix

  •  Jim Kelly (Moderator)
  • Lorraine Paskett, True North Renewable Energy
  • Karen Douglas, CA Energy Commission
  • Chris Cannon, Port of Los Angeles

10:40 AM Panel #2: (30 min) (Video)

Getting Green Hydrogen to Market: Production, Distribution & Cost

11:10 AM Panel #3: (30 min) (Video)

Best Uses for Green Hydrogen: Storage

VX Green Hydrogen Forum II Panel #1: Green Hydrogen & California’s Future Fuel Mix