VX2016: California's New Energy Storage Roadmap

Jim Kelly, Senior Vice President (retired), Southern California Edison

Edward Randolph, Director, Energy Division, CPUC
Mateo Jaramillo, Vice President, Products and Programs, Tesla Motors
Erica He, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Sumitomo Electronics
Mark Irwin, Director, Technology Development, Advanced Technology, Southern California Edison

Commissioner Peterman was the chief architect of a truly historic step for the energy ecosystem – the release of her landmark Decision (D. 10-03-040) mandating that California’s investor-owned utilities procure 1,325 MW of energy storage by 2020.  This decision has clearly changed the game not only in California, but across the nation. Utilities are looking at storage very seriously, and innovators are developing a myriad of new technologies, new applications, and new ways of packaging hardware, software and customers to provide different kinds of energy storage. So where are we today? Are there valuable lessons from our early steps toward broad deployment of energy storage? Is the utility implementation of the policy bringing enough of the right resources to market? How will this policy impact utility customers? Is D.10-03-040 the “PURPA of energy storage”, that will forever change the landscape – or a blip on the energy radar?


California's New Energy Storage