VX2016: CPUC's Landmark Distribution Resource Planning Proceeding: What Does It Really Mean?

Jim KellySenior Vice President (retired), Southern California Edison

Panel (In Formation):
Edward Randolph, Director, Energy Division, CPUC
Tom Doughty, Director of Customer Service and Stakeholder Affairs, California ISO
Pierre Sacre, Director, Schneider Electric
Heather Sanders, Principal Manager, Integrated Grid Strategy & Engagement, Southern California Edison

Public Utilities Code Section 769, enacted by AB 327, required the California investor-owned utilities to file, “distribution resources plan proposals to identify optimal locations for the deployment of distributed resources” – including, “distributed renewable generation resources, energy efficiency, energy storage, electric vehicles, and demand response technologies”. This has been a massive and complex undertaking for the utilities, the CPUC, and many other involved parties. The proceeding has had many filings, workshops, rulings, webinars…and still has a long way to go. The questions from the public are pretty simple: What will this mean to me – to my home and my business? Is it going to get easier or harder to “go solar” or adopt other new technologies? Will I end up paying more? What does this do to benefit California? What are the positions of the key voices in this important space?


CPUC's Landmark Distribution Resource Planning Proceeding: What Does it Really Mean?