VX2016: Financing and Procurement of Renewables and Sustainable Infrastructure

Ron Galperin, City Controller, City of Los Angeles

Peter Luchetti, Board Member, California IBank
Thomas CainCEO, GSV Sustainability Partners
Robert Griffin, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Program Office, US Department of the Navy
Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer, LADWP

Our cities, schools, hospitals, public works, and park facilities face a trillion-dollar problem: The infrastructure inside these facilities and the systems that support them are increasingly obsolete. Add to this deficit the reality that our taxes and capital are scarce and must too often go to other priorities, and the result: we continue to "make do" with public assets that are old, inefficient, and wastefully consume too much energy and water simply because they’re old. For years many environmental entrepreneurs & economic stewards have complained about lengthy public procurement practices that have proven to be inadequate to the challenge - too costly and inconsistent to achieve state of the art replacement, and with a result that fails to respect our environmental aspirations.  How do public institutions do better? How do we more economically finance and sustainably replace the old with the new?


Financing and Procurement of Renewables and Sustainable Infrastructure