VX2016 / FutureBuild: Disruption on Wheels - New Mobility Models for Cities

Rick Cole, Santa Monica City Manager

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LADOT
Emily Castor, Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft
Michael KeatingFounder and CEO, Scoot Networks
Marc Fenigstein, Co-Founder and CEO, Alta Motors

New technologies are transforming mobility and our cities. Electric-drive that allows fueling at home, mobile applications and services, driverless cars, and more are even altering business models. Manufacturing companies like BMW are transitioning into service providers, and utilities and other energy companies are investing or proposing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into electric charging infrastructure in Southern California alone. Taken together, the future of our cities may be cleaner, quieter, and more efficient if these technology transformations work… but will they?

Disruption on Wheels: New Mobility Models for Cities