VX2016 / FutureBuild: A River Runs Through It

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

Following Panel:

David Abel, Chair, VerdeXchange

Frank Gehry, Partner, Gehry Partners
Tensho Takemori, Partner, Gehry Partners
Joe Edmiston, Executive Director, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Barbara Romero, Deputy Mayor of City Services, City of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles River has taken center-stage in the region, with plans for its revitalization promising a civic centerpiece for the county. Today, those charting the rivers’ future engage in discussion—including leadership from the City of Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and Gehry Partners. They share their visions for the waterway’s future—from habitat revitalization to recreation space and beyond—as well as considering ways to achieve them. What are the implications of a “reimagined” LA River for Los Angeles?


A River Runs Through It