VX2016 / FutureBuild: The Sharing Economy's Promise and Challenges

Jon Healey, Deputy Editor, Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

Jacob Lieb, Sustainability Policy Manager, Metro
Vince BertoniDirector of Planning (nominated), City of Los Angeles
Ronen Olshansky, Co-Founder and CEO, Cross Campus
Bill Rouse, President, Taxicab Paratransit Association of California

How are sharing economy services disrupting established providers of, for example, ground transportation and live/work space? Here in Los Angeles, the continued growth of carsharing services such as Uber and Lyft (which has expanded service to LAX) are winning market share throughout the city. Likewise Cross Campus and WeWork are challenging successfully traditional markets for rentable space. How are planners and policymakers responding, and how ought they? Should parking and zoning codes change? Should our investment in public transit reflect growth in the sharing economy? And what improvements can be made to local jurisdictions' regulatory frameworks?

The Sharing Economy's Promise