VX2016: Internet of Things Investment

Abby Stoller, Onshore Strategic Marketing Leader, GE Renewable Energy

Panel (In Formation):
Dennis McGinnAssistant Secretary, Energy, Installations & Environment, US Navy
Tom Soto, Managing Director, TCW
Allan Emkin, Founder and Managing Director, Pension Consulting Alliance

Steve Westly, Founder and Managing Partner, The Westly Group

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about using data & analytics from connected equipment – wind turbines, street lighting, buildings & cars – to deliver new insights.  These insights can be used to create value in the form of efficiency gains, increased productivity and altogether new solutions for customers.  Where do investors see the growth opportunities in IoT and how will these developments change the way we live & operate our businesses?  What new breakthroughs and challenges arise? The Internet of Things Investment Panel invites experts from venture capital, fund management & the military to explore these questions.


Internet of Things Investment