VX2016: NextGen Passenger Cars: Will They Be Zero-Emitting, Connected, and Eventually Autonomous?

Mary NicholsChair, CARB

Frank Breust, Vice President, Governmental Affairs, BMW Group
Diarmuid O'Connell, Vice President, Business Development, Tesla Motors
Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary, Energy, Installations and Environment, US Navy
Jeff Joyner, Co-Founder and Co-Chair, E4 Mobility Alliance

The transportation sector is the largest source of air pollution, toxic air contaminants, and greenhouse gas emissions in California. At the same time, as vehicle technology continues to improve, policymakers recognize the opportunities to reduce emissions inherent in an interconnected, autonomous fleet. State air, energy, and transportation agencies are converging on integrated solutions to incent and align investments in infrastructure, as well as regulatory policy and incentives that will meet 2050 air and climate goals. Can we all agree what the future of mobility in Southern California should include? What should power personal vehicles in the near term and into the future? What opportunities are there, really, for driverless cars?


Next Gen Passenger