VX2016: Solar & Energy-Efficiency Financing

Eliot Abel, Senior Business Development Manager, Renovate America

Evan BirenbaumCOO, Chai Energy
David JacotDirector of Energy Solutions, LADWP
Sanjay Ranchod, Vice President, Policy & Electricity Markets and Regulatory Counsel, SolarCity
Walker Wright, Director of Public Policy, SunRun

Innovative financial structures, including PACE, the PPA lease model, tax equity financing, and demand response programs, have been critical to the recent rapid growth of the solar and energy efficiency sectors. What opportunities & challenges have emerged as a result and what are the next wave of financing models fueling tomorrow’s growth in this space? Furthermore, will connected home technologies encourage consumer behavior change? Or will the economically disadvantaged be further disadvantaged? Lastly, are connected home smart-technologies a better way to effect customer conservation?


Solar & Energy-Efficiency Financing: Revolutionizing How Homeowners Adopt Efficient Home Energy Products