VX2016: Storage Comes in Many Flavors: Alternatives to Battery Storage

Steve Sullivan, Managing Director (retired), Southern California Edison

Mike HopkinsCEO, Ice Energy
Jim KellySenior Vice President (retired), Southern California Edison
Mark Stout, Vice President, Project Development, Amber Kinetics
Jeffrey ReedDirector of Emerging Technologies, Sempra Utilities
Stephen Jones, Managing Director, ITM Power

If you listen to the press, “energy storage” is synonymous with batteries. Make no mistake, batteries are the subject of huge global investment, and will play an important part of our energy storage future. But there are several exciting non-electrochemical energy storage technologies that have hit the marketplace and are quickly garnering supporters. Our panelists will introduce and discuss some of these remarkable approaches, and explain how they differ from battery storage – and why they must be considered as part of our green future.


Storage Comes in Many Flavors