VX2016: There's No Place Like Home - Smart Grid Technologies and the Consumer

Doug CampbellPrincipal Advisor (retired), Southern California Edison

Andrew McAllister, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
Jacob Atalla, Vice President, Sustainability, KB Homes
Evan Birenbaum, COO, Chai Energy
Doug Kim, Director of Advanced Technology, SCE

From investor-owned and municipal utilities, to private sector companies, billions of dollars are being invested in the “smart grid” or “grid of the future.”  What does this mean to the average homeowner?  Manufacturers and utilities each have their own agendas, but what about the customer side of the equation?  This panel will examine this topic and the following questions: Most homeowners have little interest in “geeking out” on their energy use, so how will they interface with and realize benefits from the new technologies offered by the smart grid? What will the tangible benefits be for the average consumer? Will low-income consumers be able to participate – and how?  How will the role of the utility change moving forward, and what will this mean to consumers? What products are manufacturers bringing to market to aid consumers in understanding managing their energy usage and cost?

There's No Place Like Home