VX2016: Unleashing Water Innovation - Reliability, Supply, and Security

Barbara Romero, Deputy Mayor of City Services, City of Los Angeles

John Simpson, Program Director, Water Resources Division, Marine Corps Installation West/Marine Corps Base
Jocelyn Boudreau, Co-Founder and CEO, Hortau
Richard VanSant, President and CEO, UV Pure
Jacob LipaCEO, Micropolitan

As regions from California to South Africa experience worsening drought, municipalities around the world are looking to adopt new technologies that can increase the security of their water supply by reusing stormwater, grey water, and wastewater. What technologies have proven most valuable? Where is there most room for innovation? And as rainfall and groundwater dwindle, can integrating these technologies into city infrastructure ensure we’ll always have plenty of water?  Panelists from the city, the private sector, and the military will weigh in.


Unleashing Water Innovation