VX2016: Upgrading Regional Transportation Agencies' Electrical Infrastructure and Investment in Resiliency

Val Menotti, Chief Planning & Development Officer, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District

Anthony Bruzzone, Associate Principal, Transport Planning, Arup
Janea A. ScottCommissioner, California Energy Commission
Dan Cohee, Vice President, PDE Total Energy Solutions
Cris Liban, PE, Executive Officer, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, Metro

In the case of BART's electrical system capacity- and that of transport in Los Angeles, as well as Japan - the challenges of reliability, cost and safety are enormous and only more so given operation within seismically active geographies. How transport is powered has recently become an issue for BART. Its board has expressed concern that, with aging infrastructure, electrical problems can cause delays in service and closures. This panel will address: What infrastructure upgrades of electrical supply are needed to accommodate expanding transit networks? How can transportation agencies collaborate with electric utilities and outside providers to ensure sufficient peak period? How ought resiliency be better incorporated into each system’s infrastructure? 


Upgrading Regional Transportation