VX2016: Well Stimulation in California - Is There a California Consensus on Fracking Post-SB 4?

Robert PowellProfessor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President, Western States Petroleum Association
Jens Birkholzer, Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Donald Paul, Executive Director, USC Energy Institute

California Senate Bill 4 provided the framework for regulating oil and gas well stimulation in California. Besides the regulations promulgated as a result of SB 4, it also stipulated that a scientific study would be undertaken that would provide the backdrop for how we consider well stimulation in California. Both the regulations and the science study are now complete and California has entered a new era in its oil and gas industry. This panel will discuss the principal findings of the science study, especially as applied to California, the response of industry and the future direction that the oil and gas industry in California is likely to take.


Well Stimulation