VX2021 - March 30 - ENERGY - Transmission & Grid Reliability


Transmission & Grid Reliability

Welcome & Introduction: Jim KellyDirector, S&C Electric

00:03:00 Is it Finally Time for a Real Western Market?

Moderator: Jonathan Weisgall, VP of Government Relations, Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Eliot Mainzer, CEO & President, CAISO
Kris Raper, Commissioner, Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Letha Tawney, Commissioner, Oregon Public Utilities Commission
V. John White, Executive Director, CEERT

'There's No Compelling Reason Not to Do This': The Case for Overhaul of Both the US & California Transmission Systems

Moderator: Jim KellyDirector, S&C Electric
James Avery, Director, Western Electricity Coordinating Council Board of Directors
Rob Gramlich, President, Grid Strategies LLC
Neil Millar, Vice President, Transmission Planning & Infrastructure Development, CAISO 


VX2021 - March 30 - Transmission & Grid Reliability