VX2022: Smarter Cities - Forging the Future Between Cities & the Mobility Industry

Smarter Cities: Forging the Future Between Cities & the Mobility Industry

Moderator: Ruben Aronin, Sr. Vice President, Better World Group

Minh LeGeneral Manager, Los Angeles County Internal Services Department
Dr. Joshua Schank, Managing Principal, InfraStrategies
Heather Repenning, Executive Officer of Sustainability Policy, LA Metro
Cory Bullis, Senior Public Affairs Manager, US, FLO

Global metropolises are attempting to fold new technologies like autonomous vehicles, e-bikes, and shared scooters into their urban (often last mile) mobility planning. How successful have public agencies been in aligning public works and safety responsibilities with new on-demand and digital technologies to create smarter and more sustainable cities. How might new last-mile and micro-mobility providers enhance rather than undermine public transit? How can conflicts between private tech disruptors and public agencies better address data-sharing and privacy issues? This expert panel brings together actors and doers from public and private-sector industries who hope to bring an efficient, sustainable, and multimodal future to urban life.