Spring 2009

California Air Resources Board Approves Landmark Low Carbon Fuel Standard


The California Air Resources Board approved the landmark Low Carbon Fuel Standard on April 23, 2009. VerdeXchange News presents excerpts from the Executive Summary of the CARB staff report that proceeded that decision in order to elucidate the decision's impact and scope.

Presidents Obama, Clinton Speak With One Voice on Global Warming, Energy

President Obama

Comments from an interview of President Bill Clinton on September 11, 2002, about the potential of cleantech to create a safer country and a more economically and environmentally sustainable country, supplemented by remarks and coverage of President Obama on Earth Day 2009.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Promotes and Manages Sustainable ‘Water, Wastewater, and Power’ Systems

Laura Spanjian

SFPUC Assistant General Manager Laura Spanjian presents a list of the SFPUC’s many ambitious programs to build efficiencies and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses from the use of water and power in the Bay Area.

Litigation Slows Implementation of Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports’ Ambitious, Contentious Clean Trucks Program

S. David Freeman

James Hankla and S. David Freeman, heads of the boards for the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, respectively, detail the environmental agenda at the ports during a panel at the 2009 VerdeXchange Green Marketmakers Conference.

Canadian Solar Car Designer Breaks Solar Car Distance Record—Travels 12,000 Miles, Proves ‘It Can Be Done’

Marcelo da Luz with the Power of 1 at a recent stop in Santa Monica

An inspiring example that the work of just one dedicated individual can have a tremendous impact on the development of game-changing technology, Canadian Marcelo da Luz is in the midst of a record-breaking journey across North America in his solar powered car, the Power of One.