LA Observed: "Metro CEO Phil Washington disclosed at the VerdeXchange conference downtown that the [Expo Line] trains would begin running in May."

Benzinga: "Joyner is on the Leadership Council of the Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator (LACI) and was on the Board of Directors for CleanTech Los Angeles until it merged with LACI. He is also a co-founder and co-chair of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation's e4Mobility Alliance and is on several advisory boards including the U.S.-China CleanTech Center and the e4 Advanced Transportation Center."

Huffington Post: "For the past two days I have been at a nonstop course on all things green and sustainability related taught by some of the best minds around...The session on new mobility models for cities was the best of the conference.

Streetsblog LA: "Metro’s CEO Phil Washington spoke alongside the CEOs of L.A. World Airports, Deborah Flint, and the California High-Speed Rail Authority, Jeff Morales. All these leaders spoke the need to build seamless, complementary, balanced transportation systems. Washington decried the “three-decade infrastructure vacation” throughout the United States where the nation has neglected to build and maintain the transportation infrastructure needed for future generations.

Green Living AZ Magazine: "Created through a partnership of VerdeXchange AZ - a collaboration of entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders, and global investors who are shaping the future through innovations and public policies - in addition to the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), the award is a tangible way to recognize communities who are embracing 'smart growth' and taking it seriously."

UtilityDrive: “Energy storage is such a big deal that in the electric utility business we called it the holy grail,” explained former Southern California Edison Senior Vice President Jim Kelly at the recent VerdeXchange 2015 conference. “We knew that if we tried to get higher amounts of wind and solar on the grid, eventually it would break unless we had energy storage.”“Gas is now around $3 per MMBTU but I remember being hailed as a virtual genius at Edison when I signed a contract for $14 natural gas,” said former Southern California Edison vice president Jim Kelly at the recent VerdeXchange 2015 conference. “Our supply of natural gas seems assured for years to come. Many states are proclaiming they are going green by switching from coal to natural gas.

VerdeXchange Headquarters: A press release detailing attendee's reactions and results from the eighth annual VerdeXchange Conference & Expo's speakers and program. 

Argus Daily: Southern California Gas could switch its methane supplies from non-fossil sources to either captured methane from decomposing biomass, synthetic natural gas, or hydrogen, utility president Dennis Arriola said at the VerdeXchange conference in Los Angeles this week.

Streetsblog L.A.: Streetsblog L.A. was a media sponsor of yesterday’s Future Build Los Angeles 2015 conference which showcased “trends, people and forces remaking the built environment.” The event was hosted by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) L.A. in partnership with VerdeXchange.

CP&DR: Yesterday’s rendition, at the VerdeXchange “Green Marketmakers” Conference, featured former State Senate President Pro Tem and SB 375 author Darrel Steinberg as moderator, and Gail Goldberg of the Urban Land Institute, Lauren Faber of Environmental Defense Fund Jonathan Parfery of Climate Resolve, Tanya Peacock of the Southern California Gas Company, and Jim Wunderman of the Bay Area Council as panelists. 

E&E Publishing: California Air Resources Board Chairwoman Mary Nichols, speaking at the VerdeXchange 2015 conference here, rejected the premise of the panel she was on, dubbed "Natural Gas -- Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?" ARB is "fuel neutral," she said, when the agency looks at cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The Golden State aims to shrink those to 1990 levels by 2020, and 80 percent below 1990's point by 2050.

E&E Publishing: "Water provides economic growth, quality of life, sustainability," Adel Hagekhalil, assistant director of the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, said this week at the VerdeXchange conference here. "We don't have an infinite amount of water, so we have to find ways to capture and reuse water.

VerdeXchange Headquarters: A press release detailing the eighth annual VerdeXchange Conference & Expo's speakers, sponsors, and program. 

Downtown Devil: "Doug Bruhnke, founder of VerdeXchange Arizona, brought the conference to Arizona after visiting its parent conference in Los Angeles... The two days will consist of 19 moderated sessions featuring speakers with knowledge in areas like health care, education, international trade, sustainability, energy, transportation, global engagement and urban planning."

Green Building and Design: "A smarter power transmission grid is central to America’s energy future. But according to NRG Energy’s Robyn Beavers, smarter might mean smaller, where microgrid networks of homes and businesses can supply energy to their neighbors. That sounds disruptive and chaotic—which is exactly what her R&D team thrives on."

Green Building and Design: "The founder of ABL Inc. and the VerdeXchange conference is essentially the Kevin Bacon, or the Lois Weisberg, of the green world. Here he discusses LA's growing public transit system and what's impressed him about the sustainability world."

TriplePundit: "America’s commercial buildings are on the cusp of being radically redesigned into Prius-like hybrid energy centers. These buildings will create value by guaranteeing lower energy bills, plus increased worker productivity, while also delivering climate-changing environmental impacts. Like hybrid electric cars, this is a global trend. The cost of enabling technologies is falling – driven by global economies of scale. "The recent ‘FutureBuild: Space Changers’ conference here reveals technology that can create 3D printed homes in 22 hours and several instant parks emerging in L.A."

Parti Quebecois: "L'adjoint parlementaire à la première ministre (volet électrification des transports), Daniel Breton, a participé à la 7e édition de la Conférence VerdeXchange qui se tenait à Los Angeles, du 26 au 28 janvier. Cet évènement majeur destiné à la promotion des technologies et de l'économie vertes est une tribune privilégiée pour faire connaître l'expertise québécoise ainsi que pour renforcer les relations entre le Québec et les joueurs majeurs de l'industrie."

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