Zev Yaroslavsky’s Quality of Life Index Survey Results


This fireside chat between Josh Haskell and Zev Yaroslavsky took place at the sixth annual UCLA Luskin Summit. Yaroslavsky presented the results from this year’s Quality of Life Index, which annually polls a cross-section of Los Angeles County residents to apprehend the public’s perception of the quality of their own lives. As the cost of living continues to rise and affordable housing remains deprioritized, Zev shared this year’s Survey Findings.

Held v. Montana Ruling Sides with Youth in Landmark Climate Case


In a landmark decision, brought on by a lawsuit filed against the state of Montana, Judge Kathy Seeley (pictured) has ruled in favor of a group of youth plaintiffs claiming the state violated their constitutional right to a 'clean and healthful environment' by prohibiting consideration under Montana's Environmental Protection Act (MEPA) of emissions and climate impacts when permitting fossil fuel projects. The lawsuit, which was filed three years ago by plaintiffs ranging in age from 5 to 22, could have nationwide impacts with the law firm that represented the youth due back in court next year against the state of Hawaii, which, like Montana, guarantees citizens a constitutional right to a quality environment.

Excerpt: 21st Century Agricultural Renaissance: Solutions from the Land Report

21st Century Agriculture Renaissance Report

As California faces the impacts of climate change—how to address the interconnected challenges facing the state's energy, water, and food systems remains a foremost challenge.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres' COP 27 Concluding Remarks


This month global leaders gathered in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for COP27 where nations affirmed and expanded their commitments to limit global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. VX News shares these concluding remarks by UN Secretary-General António Guterres highlighting the commitment of $100 billion per year in climate financing for developing countries as well as the ongoing and immediate need for member nations to drastically reduce emissions this decade. 

Research & Restoration Priorities of the Santa Monica National Estuary Program: The Bay Foundation’s Tom Ford


VX News checked in with Tom Ford, Chief Executive Officer of The Bay Foundation and Director of the SMBNEP, to update readers on the significance of $132 million included for NEP in the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.

Assessing LA County’s Extreme Heat Risks: LA County Chief Sustainability Office’s Kristen Torres Pawling


Recognizing extreme heat as the deadliest climate threat facing Americans, last week the Biden administration launched Heat.Gov, a one-stop hub offering maps, data and information across disciplines to empower the public and decisionmakers plan for and mitigate the health impacts of extreme heat.

California Agency Heads Debut the 2021 Climate Adaptation Strategy

Alice Reynolds

California has released its new 2021 Climate Adaptation Strategy. In response, VX News excerpts the roundtable of Wade Crowfoot, California's Natural Resources Secretary; Lauren Sanchez, Senior Climate Advisor to the Governor; Alice Reynolds, California Public Utilities Commission President (Pictured); Christina Curry, Cal Office of Emergency Services Deputy Director; Dee Dee Myers, Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development Director.

Marta Segura: LA City’s First Climate Emergency Mobilization Director


A longtime environmental justice advocate, Marta Segura is the Director of Los Angeles' first-ever Climate Emergency Mobilization Office (CEMO). Segura shares with VX News CEMO's ongoing virtual Climate Equity LA workshops and further engagements with frontline communities.

SMMC’s Joe Edmiston ‘Jazzed’ by Newsom Spending & Open Space Priorities


With generous surplus state funding included for climate resilience in Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 budget request, VX News caught up with Santa Monica Mountain’s Conservancy Executive Director, Joe Edmiston, to elaborate on how the influx of federal and state infrastructure investments will impact Southern California conservation and open space projects.