VX2016: NextGen Vehicle Service Infrastructure - Electricity, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, and Petroleum

Mike Levin, Director of Government Affairs, FuelCell Energy

Terry O'Day, Vice President, eVgo/NRG
Ashley Hand, Transportation Technology Strategist Fellow, LADOT
Bill Van Amburg, Senior Vice President, CALSTART
Alejandro Zamorano, Clean Energy and Advanced Transport Specialist, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

However regulators and vehicle manufacturers aligned, perhaps when all is said and done and the dust has settled, it may be the fueling infrastructure that determines which alternative fuel powers the cars and trucks of the future. Now, most especially in California, there’s a growing need to energize vehicles with something other than petroleum. Will it be possible to build such a fueling network in far less than the 100 years it took to build the present network? Could it be done in as little as 10? And whether the vehicle service infrastructure is electricity, hydrogen, national gas or petroleum, key questions remain. What is the least costly with the smallest environmental impact? And regarding consumer choice: how many consumers will buy and lease all electric or new fuel cell vehicles? Lastly, will low cost fueling infrastructure for electric vehicles result in this alternative vehicle choice dominating the future?


NextGen Vehicle Service Infrastructure