VX2022: Green New Jobs: Assuring a 21st Century Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Workforce

Green New Jobs: Assuring a 21st Century Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Workforce 

Moderator: Jane Oates President, WorkingNation

Bernie KotlierExecutive Director, Sustainable Energy Solutions, IBEW-NECA Labor Management Cooperation Committee, California and Nevada
Jessica Ku Kim, VP of Economic & Workforce Development, LAEDC
Yamen Nanne, Power Engineering Manager, LADWP

California has long been recognized as a global leader in the clean energy movement and a state that is proud of its rich diversity.  “Putting California on the High Road”, the 2030 Jobs & Action Plan,  put forth by the State’s Workforce Development Board, is a comprehensive plan  to braid economic growth with strategies to decrease carbon emissions while creating inclusive pathways to family-sustaining career track jobs.  With respect to jobs, what do cutting-edge sustainability technologies mean for workforce readiness and the labor economy? Are employers in every sector doing enough to equip the next generation of workers with the tools to keep the U.S. competitive in a global economy? How can we ensure that our most underserved demographics obtain the skills to succeed in the face of such rapid change? A panel of experts from the workforce marketplace and energy industries will elaborate on this topic and its role in achieving clean energy for our cities and global economy.

VX 2022: Green New Jobs- Assuring a 21st Century Renewable Energy and Clean Tech Workforce