Gemini Motor Announces Plan for a Fleet of Autonomous Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

Bakersfield.com: Today at the 15th Annual VerdeXchange VX2022 Marketmakers' Conference, following an initial round of financing, Gemini Motor Company announced its plans to launch a fleet of autonomous hydrogen fuel cell trucks by 2025. The first prototype is currently under development and will be available for testing next year.

Air Products' Hydrogen for Mobility Global Vice President to Discuss the Benefits of Hydrogen use at Sea Ports at the VerdeXchange VX2022 Marketmakers' Conference in Los Angeles on June 21

NASDAQ: Eric Guter, Global Vice President – Hydrogen for Mobility, took part in a panel discussion titled "Hydrogen at the Ports", discussing the potential use of clean hydrogen in port operations to fuel ships, trucks, forklifts and other equipment at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Complex and the