August 2007

PCA to Client Pension Funds: Green Investment Offers Valuable Returns


VerdeXchange News is pleased to present the following report, written by Sarah Bernstein, Allan Emkin, and John Charley for PCA, which illuminates the mechanisms by which institutional investors should consider the environmental risks and opportunities associated with the venture capital market.

ILWU Accepts New Role: A Greener Partner to Shippers, Ports, Local Communities

Peter Peyton

By their nature, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles apply constant pressure to the often conflicting intersection of environmental mitigation and business development. No green goals will be possible, however, without the partnership of unions, such as the ILWU.

Ocean Power Delivery Harnesses Wave Power; E.U. Provides Incentives

Des McGinnes

In the following VerdeXchange News interview, Ocean Power Delivery’s Des McGinnes explains how Europe’s renewable energy incentives are paving the way for wave energy abroad and how the implementation of similar technology in the United States remains largely unexplored.