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GreenXchange Global Marketplace Conference: Attendee Reviews Are In

Some of the GreenXchange Global Marketplace's distinguished attendees, including leaders from business, finance, government, research, and environmental NGOs, were asked by conference organizers to evaluate the value of this first-of-it’s-kind global cross-section gathering of clean and green technology market-makers.

PCA'S Allan Emkin Opines on Public Pension Fund Investment in Renewables

Like no environmental issue before it, global warming has hordes of profit-minded public and private investors on the same page as environmentalists, seeking the next great wave of technological innovation. In order to detail ongoing green investment trends, VerdeXchange News was pleased to speak with Allan Emkin, founder and managing director of Pension Consulting Alliance, an organization that helps public pension and private equity investors find the best possible returns in an emerging market still full of untapped potential.

Ocean Power Delivery Harnesses Wave Power; E.U. Provides Incentives

Des McGinnes

In the following VerdeXchange News interview, Ocean Power Delivery’s Des McGinnes explains how Europe’s renewable energy incentives are paving the way for wave energy abroad and how the implementation of similar technology in the United States remains largely unexplored.

China’s Environmental Awareness Grows with its Economy

Dan Mazmanian

Dan Dudek, China-based chief economist for Environmental Defense, and Dan Mazmanian, USC Professor & former dean of the University   of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment, recently spoke with VerdeXchange News about their experiences with the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development—a unique advisory institution with the ear of the Chinese Premiere.

‘Hero for the Planet’ Hunter Lovins Demystifies Terms, Key Players in the Global Fight Against Climate Change

Hunter Lovins

VerdeXchange News is pleased to present the following excerpts from an appearance made by Ms. Lovins in Los Angeles earlier this month, in which she details some of the businesses who are making extraordinary strides in the fight against global warming, as well as exposing some of the naysayers and myths in the ongoing debate about the proper solutions to this global crisis.